Accelerate your organization's transformation with The Adizes Breakthrough to Prime Program, an exclusive two-day workshop for top-level executives.


THE PURPOSE OF THIS WORKSHOP is to provide you with powerful tools and practical guidance on how to accelerate your organization’s journey to PRIME, and then how to stay there.

THIS WORKSHOP IS TAILORED for CEOs, Presidents and Board Members of any Private or Public Organization experiencing change or growing pains.



A Two-day workshop to learn how to leverage the power of the Adizes Methodology. With todays’ rate of disruption in all industries, CHANGE IS NOT ENOUGH, we need to TRANSFORM to keep up. Our workshop will introduce you to the Adizes methodology, which is a straightforward, repeatable, common-sense approach to management that naturally unlocks entrepreneurial vitality and growth.

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OVER THE TWO DAY WORKSHOP, we will focus on:

    • BALANCING the four core management roles
    • BUILDING perfect management teams
    • IDENTIFYING and managing your organization’s lifecycle
    • STRENGTHENING your corporate culture
    • BRIDGING THE GAP between generations and levels of management
    • DEVELOPING a change plan based on your lifecycle position

Learning Journey


Theory of Change management

– Changes and problems,Function of management, Implementation of decisions, Formula of success

Diagnosis of problems and change management systems

– Company lifecycle management, Organizational diagnostics, Process of change management in the company, Technology of work for an efficient management team


Strategy in the time of change

– Mission as part of the strategy, Mission as part of a change management program, Company strategy, What comes first: mission or structure

How to ensure responsible behavior of management

– How the company should be structured, Conflicts in the organizational structure, Purpose and responsibilities of the departments, Company informational systems, Rewards systems


K. Rangsan Thammaneewong

Managing Partner of Adizes Thailand, Principal and Founder of Prudent Advisory

Rangsan founded Prudent Advisory in 1998 and helps CEOs and Executives answer two important questions – where do we go from here & how do we get there.

Where do we go from here is a strategy question and how do we get there relates to allocation of resources. His work includes:

– Assisting executives crafting business direction
– Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Negotiation
-Structuring equity and debt financing
All supported by underlying principles of business ethics and integrity.

The end result for many clients is a dramatic turnaround in their business, one client’s market capitalization increasing by almost 30 times in just 4 years.


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Learn More About Change Management and Adizes Methodology

Next Date: 21-22 September 2023

9.30 AM -16.30 PM
At Sheraton Sukumwit Hotel

Investment ฿ 42,000/Person

Early Bird 15% Off at ฿ 35,700 Til 31 August, 2023